I've been walking a long road toward wellness, since my body fell apart from chronic Lyme disease over 12 years ago. Since then, I've learned that becoming whole isn't just a matter of whacking some bugs with an antibiotic or eating organic salmon and salads. It's not just a matter of healing the daddy wounds or coming to grips with a lifelong story of rejection.

It's about finding a relationship of unconditional love with God, because it is love- not a doctor, herb or belief system- that ultimately heals the whole person. Yet God gives us answers to healing through holistic medicine, as well as by His supernatural hand.

Indeed, most of the focus of the books that I've written has been upon medicine, but I realize that it's time to share all that I have learned from God as I have walked through the dark valley of this past decade. This includes strategies that heal the heart and spirit, as well as the body.

My knowledge is based upon my belief that Jesus Christ still heals supernaturally today, and that spiritual healing is the highest level of healing that we can attain to. Spiritual health can make us completely well, but it is also noble and good to seek healing at the physical level.

The journey to wholeness is always a journey, as none of us ever completely arrives this side of Heaven, but we can enter into a place of relative health and peace, with joy as the centerpiece of our days. I'm not there, but I am not the same person I was a decade ago. May victory be upon your horizon as it has been upon mine...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My debut on Spanish television- Discussing Lyme disease with Dr. Misael

For those of you who speak Spanish, or know someone who does, I encourage you to share this
enlightening TV interview on Lyme disease, which I did with Dr. Misael, this past week.
Spread the word about the fastest-growing infectious disease in the United States.

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  1. My poor ex-wife, Kristin, has been dealing with Lyme disease for about 2-3 years (known) and over 10 years total (unknown and undiagnosed). She was originally diagnosed with depression and suffered through years of every known depression medication known on earth which made her beyond sick. We were married in 2011 and divorced 18 months later after the most horrific marriage full of verbal abuse (coming from both sides, not just her). I am responsible for my reactions to her absolute crazy talk and emotions that poured out of her. At the time, we did not understand what was happening and it drove she and I to the brink of insanity.

    She has now seen every "best Dr." in America from Dr. Naylor to Colombia University...to no certain avail. It seems she is dying a slow death and it breaks my heart! Her parents don't know what else to do as they have poured their life savings into Kristin. It is the single saddest thing I have ever personally witnessed.

    If anyone can help, please send a miracle. Jesus is her and my Lord and Savior, but for whatever His reason, there has not been a healing yet. Her case has been flagged as one of the worst in the history of the disease.